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Winning Strategies: Blackjack, Slots And Craps DVD

Original DVD as sold to view and promote the movie titled Winning Strategies: Blackjack, Slots And Craps.

Description, condition and details:
USA/US edition including Hit card pocket sized and double-sided information leaflet. In Excellent condition. English language with Unknown - N/A (optional) subtitles. The movie is from 2004 and the DVD is from 2005 by Goldhil Home Media with a (total) playing time of ?? mins. Features/Extras: Interactive Menus, Photo Gallery, Scene Selection. Video: Fullscreen (4:3) Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

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Winning Strategies: Blackjack, Slots And Craps DVD
Winning Strategies: Blackjack, Slots And Craps DVD Winning Strategies: Blackjack, Slots And Craps DVD


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Plot, Summary, Synopsis, Story, Script, Novel:
Discover tricks, tips, and techniques to increase your odds of winning big! From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, gambling is hotter than ever! Blackjack, Slots and Craps uses the winning methods of best-selling gaming author, Frank Scoblete. Learn 'casino-busting' strategies to help you play smart and win big! Black Jack - Go behind the scenes, and become a smarter Blackjack player. Easy-to-follow demonstrations and vivid graphics will help you: * Choose when to hit, when to stand, and when to surrender * Computer-tested strategies for single and multiple deck games * Maximize your odds, minimize your mistakes * Revolutionary 'how-to' techniques that stretch your playing time and money Slots - Discover proven techniques to increase your odds of beating one-armed bandits at their own game! You'll learn: * Top 10 slot machine tips * Machines to play - slots to avoid! * Myths, facts and misconceptions about slots * How to choose machines with the highest payout Craps - Fun, thrilling and fast-paced. Craps offers some of the best odds in gambling. Everything you need to know about: * The 5 basic types of bets to roll the odds in your favor * How to choose bets with the lowest house edge * Do's and don'ts of aggressive betting * Maximize casino comps to your advantage Blackjack, slots and craps are on a winning streak. With these three amazing programs, you'll hit the jackpot!
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Documentaries, Documentary

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