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Io Non Ho Paura, I'm Not Scared Filmposter

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Originele Gerolde, Enkelzijdige Filmposter zoals gebruikt in bioscopen om reclame te maken voor de film met de titel Io Non Ho Paura, I'm Not Scared uit 2003.
Deze poster is in EXCELLENT conditie, afkomstig uit Nederland/Belgie met de afmetingen: 15.75x23.5 inch - 40x60 cm - Nederlands/Belgische Filmposter.

Beschrijving, conditie en details:
Poster has light edge wear and other minor imperfections.

Filmposters zijn ook bekend als Locandine/Locandina of Manifesti/Manifesto in Italië, als Carteles in Spanje, als Kinoplakat/Plakate/Filmplakate in Duitsland en als Affiches in België en Frankrijk.

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Io Non Ho Paura, I'm Not Scared Filmposter


Met de volgende acteurs / actrices:
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Dino Abbrescia, Giorgio Careccia, Giuseppe Cristiano, Mattia Di Pierro, Diego Abatantuono
Geregisseerd door Regisseur(s):
Gabriele Salvatores
Ook bekend als, Alternatieve Titel, Buitenlandse Titel, Informele Titel:
Unknown - N/A
Plot, Samenvatting, Synopsis, Verhaal, Script, Boek:
Michele Amitrano is a true country bambino (10): cute as an angel, curious and enterprising as a rascal, the meaning of life for his meaningless parents, so dad lets him 'win' rare favors at arm-wrestling. Father Pino Amitrano is a truck driver, often away, even when at home, when he deals with dodgy village and further friends, while mother Anna spoils his useless kid sister Maria rotten, so the poor boy is mostly left doing her chores too, getting either of them out of trouble, roaming the sparsely populated grain lands on his bicycle and playing with local kids, which often means minor trouble. One day after a dare leads the mildly mischievous gang to the ruined house, returning alone to retrieve the glasses stupid Maria lost again Michele accidentally finds a deep hole outside under a metal cover and sees a boy's bare foot under a blanket inside. At first Michele rides off for his life, but soon he returns, and after some more scary and disappointing tries finds out it's a boy his age, blinded by a long stay in the dark, deep hole. Michele conquers his fear and Filippo's confidence, finding out that's his age-sake's name as he generously feeds and entertains him, for long without any response or something worryingly confused like "I'm dead; you're my guardian angel". Overhearing his parents and dad's friends and returning to the hole, Michele soon suspects and gets confirmed Filippo is a wealthy family's kidnapped son, his own dad, a Brazilian 'friend' -who he must sleep with, alone!- and village fool Felice are dangerous ringleaders.
Jaar van Uitgifte Film:
Land van Oorsprong:
Netherlands - Holland/Belgium
Product Type:
Movie Poster
Conditie van Product:
Conditie, Imperfecties, Details, Style:
Poster has light edge wear and other minor imperfections.
Enkel of Dubbelzijdige Poster:
Single Sided Film Poster
Gerolde, Gevouwen of Platte Poster:
15.75x23.5 inch - 40x60 cm - Dutch/Belgian Movie Poster
Origineel Bioscoop Product:
National Screen Service NSS Film Nummer:
Unknown - N/A
Tagline / Slogan:
Secrets. Betrayal. Murder.
Film Poster Artiest / Kunstwerk door:
Unknown - N/A
Keywords etc.:
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Kids, Children

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