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Grindhouse Death Proof and Planet Terror, Grindhouse Filmposter

Originele Gerolde, Dubbelzijdige Filmposter zoals gebruikt in bioscopen om reclame te maken voor de film met de titel Grindhouse Death Proof and Planet Terror, Grindhouse uit 2007.
Deze poster is in MINT conditie, afkomstig uit Verenigde Staten / Amerika met de afmetingen: 27x40/41 inch - 70x105 cm - Verenigde Staten / Amerikaanse Filmposter - One Sheet (1-Sheet / 1Sheet).

Beschrijving, conditie en details:
Unknown - N/A

Filmposters zijn ook bekend als Locandine/Locandina of Manifesti/Manifesto in Italië, als Carteles in Spanje, als Kinoplakat/Plakate/Filmplakate in Duitsland en als Affiches in België en Frankrijk.

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Grindhouse Death Proof and Planet Terror, Grindhouse Filmposter


Met de volgende acteurs / actrices:
Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Jordan Ladd, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Sydney Poitier, Tracie Thoms, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Zoe Bell, Zoë Bell, Michael Parks, James Parks, Monica Staggs, Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton, Jeff Fahey, Michael Biehn, Rebel Rodriguez, Bruce Willis, Naveen Andrews, Stacy Ferguson, Nicky Katt, Tom Savini, Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, Babysitter Twins, Quentin Tarantino
Geregisseerd door Regisseur(s):
Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez
Ook bekend als, Alternatieve Titel, Buitenlandse Titel, Informele Titel:
Grindhouse Deathproof, Dead Proof, Deadproof, Grindhouse Presents: Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino's Thunder Bolt!, Planet Terror, Grindhouse Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror
Plot, Samenvatting, Synopsis, Verhaal, Script, Boek:
Two separate sets of voluptuous women are stalked at different times by a scarred stuntman who uses his "death proof" cars to execute his murderous plans. In a rural town in Texas, go-go dancer Cherry Darling (with a leg/machine gun), decides to quit her low-paying job and find another use for her numerous 'useless' talents. Cherry's ex-boyfriend, El Wray, at the Bone Shack, a restaurant owned by J.T. Hague, a group of military officials, led by the demented Lt. Muldoon, are making a business transaction with a scientist named Abby for a deadly biochemical agent known as DC2 codename "Project Terror", but when Muldoon learns Abby has an extra supply on hand, he attempts to take Abby hostage and Abby intentionally releases the gas into the air. As gun-legged Cherry Darling and one man wrecking crew El Wray try to save the world from a horde of flesh-eating zombies. In Texas, the gang leaded by the black market dealer Abby faces a group of renegade militaries leaded by Captain Muldoon in an abandoned military base. During their shootout, Abby shoots a recipient of biological weapon, releasing an experimental highly-contagious gas that turns humans to flesh-eating zombies. Meanwhile, in the local hospital, Dr. Block sees an epidemic with many patients with the same nasty symptoms. When the outbreak affects most of the local population, a group of people with immunity leaded by the mechanic Wray, Sheriff Hague, the stripper Cherry and the Dr. Dakota, fight to survive and become the last hope to save the world.
Jaar van Uitgifte Film:
Land van Oorsprong:
USA - America
Product Type:
Movie Poster
Conditie van Product:
Enkel of Dubbelzijdige Poster:
Double Sided Film Poster
Gerolde, Gevouwen of Platte Poster:
27x40/41 inch - 70x105 cm - USA / American Movie Poster - One Sheet (1-Sheet / 1Sheet)
Origineel Bioscoop Product:
National Screen Service NSS Film Nummer:
Unknown - N/A
Tagline / Slogan:
A White-Hot Juggernaut At 200 Miles Per Hour! Fully Loaded!
Film Poster Artiest / Kunstwerk door:
Unknown - N/A
Keywords etc.:
Crime, Cult, Horror, Terror, Zombies, Action, Violence, Machine Gun, Motorcycle, Weapons, Gore, Thriller, SciFi, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction, Sexy, Babe, Guns

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