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Evil Laugh Filmposter

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Originele Gevouwen, Enkelzijdige Filmposter zoals gebruikt in bioscopen om reclame te maken voor de film met de titel Evil Laugh uit 1988.
Deze poster is in EXCELLENT - NEAR MINT conditie, afkomstig uit Verenigde Staten van Amerika met de afmetingen: 27x40/41 inch - 70x105 cm - Verenigde Staten / Amerikaanse Filmposter - One Sheet (1-Sheet / 1Sheet).

Beschrijving, conditie en details:
Fold wear, separation at fold crossings and various other minor imperfections. Rare poster for this obscure title.

Filmposters zijn ook bekend als Locandine/Locandina of Manifesti/Manifesto in Italië, als Carteles in Spanje, als Kinoplakat/Plakate/Filmplakate in Duitsland en als Affiches in België en Frankrijk.

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Evil Laugh Filmposter


Met de volgende acteurs / actrices:
Kim McKamy, Steven Baio, Tony Griffin, Jody Gibson, Jerold Pearson
Geregisseerd door Regisseur(s):
Dominick Brascia
Ook bekend als, Alternatieve Titel, Buitenlandse Titel, Informele Titel:
Unknown - N/A
Plot, Samenvatting, Synopsis, Verhaal, Script, Boek:
An old orphanage has just been rebuilt after it was mysteriously burned to the ground over a decade ago following accusations of child molestation and abuse by Martin, whose own father committed suicide out of shame. Needless to say he couldn't prove his innocence, suffered a psychotic breakdown which subsequently led to him systematically slaughter the other occupants, including the kids, particularly the accusers, before perishing in the blaze that followed. Now a group of med-students are brought in by a seemingly benevolent doctor turned pediatrician, Jerry who seeks to fix the place up as less an institution more of a foster home. One of the students is set on dwelling there at this current position, while the others are set on helping them settling in. But soon they'll discover that our current owner has been secretly disposed of by an intruder, who is still lurking close by. Jerry's (now ex) fiancée Connie, Barney (who said his farewell to Jerry moments before meeting his end) and their assorted mates, Mark, Johnny, Tina, and snobbish couple Sammy and Betty, may soon find themselves joining our dearly departed doctor sooner than they'd like, when our intrusive loony decides to make a return visit.
Jaar van Uitgifte Film:
Land van Oorsprong:
USA - America
Product Type:
Movie Poster
Conditie van Product:
Conditie, Imperfecties, Details, Style:
Fold wear, separation at fold crossings and various other minor imperfections. Rare poster for this obscure title.
Enkel of Dubbelzijdige Poster:
Single Sided Film Poster
Gerolde, Gevouwen of Platte Poster:
27x40/41 inch - 70x105 cm - USA / American Movie Poster - One Sheet (1-Sheet / 1Sheet)
Origineel Bioscoop Product:
National Screen Service NSS Film Nummer:
Unknown - N/A
Tagline / Slogan:
Ten years ago something terrible happened in this house... This weekend it's about to happen AGAIN.
Film Poster Artiest / Kunstwerk door:
Unknown - N/A
Keywords etc.:
Horror, Death, Dead, Skeleton, Knife, Dagger, Full Moon, Terror

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