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Eagle's Wing Lobby Card Set

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Original set of 8 lobby cards, as used in theaters to advertise and promote the movie titled Eagle's Wing from 1979.
This lobby card set is in NEAR MINT - MINT condition from UK - United Kingdom - England - Great Britain, size: UK 11x14 inch - 28x36 cm - Lobby Card Set.

Description, condition and details:
Unknown - N/A

Movie lobby cards are also known as Photobustas or Fotobusta/Fotobuste in Italy, as Fotos in Spain, as Kino Aushangfotos or Photosatz/Fotosätze/Lobby Sätze or Kinophotos in Germany and as Photos or Photos d'Exploitation Cinema in France.

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Eagle's Wing Lobby Card Set


Starring the following cast of actors/actresses:
Martin Sheen, Harvey Keitel
Directed by Director(s):
Anthony Harvey
AKA, Also Known As, Working Title, Alternative Title, Foreign Title, Informal Title:
Unknown - N/A
Plot, Summary, Synopsis, Story, Script, Novel:
The basic story intercuts three stories. In one, an aimless deserter, Pike, having lost his trading partner, steals a miraculous horse, Eagle's Wing, so-called because of its grace and speed. In the second, an Indian, White Bull, owner of this horse, waylays a stagecoach, and kidnaps one of its female occupants. In the third, the Spanish men sent to find her ignore this quest in favour of a murderous, plundering spree.
Year of Movie Release:
Country of Origin:
UK - United Kingdom - England - Great Britain
Product Type:
Lobby Card Set
Condition of Product:
Condition, Flaws, Defects, Imperfections, Details, Style, Description:
Unknown - N/A
UK 11x14 inch - 28x36 cm - Lobby Card Set
Number of Lobby Cards / Photos:
Original Movie Theater Product:
National Screen Service NSS Film Number:
Unknown - N/A
Unknown - N/A
Film Poster Artist / Artwork by:
Unknown - N/A
Keywords and Phrases:
Unknown - N/A

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