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Dutch Posters from the Netherlands

Original Dutch Movie Posters from the Netherlands - Holland

All posters on this page are original Dutch movie (or video) posters as used in cinemas/theatres to promote/advertise the movie. Available through theatres or theatre owners only.

The movie industry in the Netherlands has always used a mix of promotional materials from various countries (UK, USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany etc.) in addition to the items they produced themselves. The self-manufactured items are available in various sizes with mostly small sizes similair to the Belgian and French posters untill the late eighties. Nowadays, since the early nineties, they use a mix of US and Dutch One Sheets with occasionally also smaller sizes produced by smaller movie companies and distributors. The Netherlands also prints posters (usually One Sheets) and lobby card sets in cooperation with Belgium.

The most commonly used poster size in the Netherlands is the One Sheet, it measures 27x40/41 inch, 70x105 cm (just like the American One Sheet), issued folded until the early eighties. Nowadays also printed in cooperation with Belgium.

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