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Belgian Posters from Belgium

Original Belgian Movie Posters from Belgium


All posters on this page are original Belgian movie (or video) posters as used in cinemas/theatres to promote/advertise the movie. Available through theatres or theatre owners only.

The Belgian posters are printed horizontally (landscape style) or vertically (portrait style). Since Belgium is bilingual and uses two languages, the titles and information of the films are usually printed in Dutch (Flemish) and French, but sometimes also in English and even German. The non-french speaking part of Belgium speaks Flemish (in Dutch, Vlaams) which is a local dialect of Dutch. The Flemish dialects is spoken in the north of France, west of Belgium (this part is called Flanders, the Flemish nation) and south-west of the Netherlands. The original title of the movie is usually printed somewhere in the design often in parentheses. Often the posters still bear the original revenue or tax stamps in ink and/or paper form and theatre stickers or showing times.

A small size poster is the most comonly used poster size in Belgium. It usually measures around 14 inches wide and the length can be from 19 to 22 inches, 35x55 cm. Before 1945 they were usually around 11/12x17 inch, 30x40 cm.


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