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America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills: Ultimate Scream Machines DVD

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USA/US edition DTS including double-sided information leaflet. In Excellent condition. English language with Unknown - N/A (optional) subtitles. The movie is from 2000 and the DVD is from 2000 by Goldhil Home Media with a (total) playing time of 57 mins. Features/Extras: Multiple Angles on Each Coaster Ride Experience Separate Original Score by Troublemaker Interactive Full Motion Menus Director and Director of Photography Commentary Coaster Manufacturer Design Animation Interviews with Theme Park Owners, Representatives and Coaster Designers Sidebar Stories and Park Histories Bonus 'Liquid Coaster' Segment Coasters By Region Coasters By Type Coaster Access By Name. Video: Fullscreen (4:3) Audio: Dolby Digital Surround [English]; DTS [English]

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America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills: Ultimate Scream Machines DVD
America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills: Ultimate Scream Machines DVD America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills: Ultimate Scream Machines DVD


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Just as the title implies, this state-of-the-art DVD takes you to twenty of the most spine tingling, gut wrenching, jaw dropping roller coasters in America. Theme parks across the country are locked in battle to build the tallest, fastest, most disorienting roller coasters and the results are the most thrilling rides ever devised! Only the incredible quality of DVD, with multiple camera angles, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and a fantastic custom rock and roll soundtrack truly puts you right in the middle of the action! In years past, a roller coaster meant riding a wooden coaster in a two-across car with lap bar restraints. Today, it can mean any number of variations on the thrill-ride-theme, from stand-up coasters, to floor-less coasters, to inverted track looping coasters...and don't forget the huge mega coasters that are redefining the boundaries of human endurance! They're all here...twenty of the best America has to offer, the newest, biggest, baddest coasters in the land, plus some perennial favorites, like Coney Island's Cyclone. Settle into your favorite easy chair the one with the shoulder harness pick up your remote control, and get ready for the ultimate DVD experience. Coasters Featured: Incredible Hulk - Steel Looping, Dueling Dragons - Steel Looping (dual track), Gwazi - Wooden (dual track), Medusa - Steel Mega, Apollo's Chariot - Steel Mega, Alpengeist - Steel Looping, Twister - Wooden, The Great Bear - Steel Looping, Riddler's Revenge - Steel Looping (stand-up), Superman, The Escape - Launched, Volcano, The Blast Coaster - Launched, Raging Bull - Steel Mega, Viper - Wooden, Joker's Jinx - Launched, Ghostrider - Wooden, Superman - Ride Of Steel - Steel Mega, Steel Phantom - Steel Looping, Magnum XL 200 - Steel Mega, Desperado - Steel Mega, Cyclone - Wooden, Bonus: Buzz Saw Falls - Liquid
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Action, Documentary, Special Interest

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