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Alligator DVD

Original DVD as sold to view and promote the movie titled Alligator.

Description, condition and details:
Dutch edition. In Excellent condition. English language with Dutch (optional) subtitles. The movie is from 1980 and the DVD is from 2000 by Dutch Filmworks with a (total) playing time of 87 mins. Features/Extras: Trailer, Biography, Filmography. Video: Fullscreen (4:3); Widescreen (1.78:1) Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo; Dolby Digital Stereo [English]

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Alligator DVD
Alligator DVD Alligator DVD


Starring the following cast of actors/actresses:
Robert Forster as David Madison, Robin Riker as Marisa Kendall, Michael V. Gazzo as Chief Clark, Dean Jagger as Slade, Sydney Lassick as Luke Gutchel, Jack Carter as Mayor, Perry Lang as Officer Jim Kelly, Henry Silva as Col. Brock, Bart Braverman as Thomas Kemp
Directed by Director(s):
Lewis Teague
Plot, Summary, Synopsis, Story, Script, Novel:
While vacationing in Florida, Mr and Mrs Kendall and their 12 year old daughter Marisa purchase a 10 inch long baby alligator. Upon their return home, the infant alligator proves to be a nuisance and Mr Kendall flushes it down the toilet. It survives the journey through twisting pipes and emerges deep in the sewer system.Unkown to the public, secret hormone experiments are being conducted on dogs, and the dogs are disposed of by throwing their hormone filled corpses into the sewers inhabited by the now growing alligator. After twelve years of feeding on infected dogs, the hormonal chemistry of the alligator is affected and he grows to become a 36 foot long giant. After a series of harrowing experiences, the alligator is forced to break out of the sewer and smash onto the streets...
Year of Movie Release:
Product Type:
Condition of Product:
Barcode, UPC, ISBN, ANSI:
Keywords and Phrases:
Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction

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